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Not exactly the same thing (and certainly a fictional example), but there's a scene in Dances With Wolves in which John Dunbar is sharing a tipi with the Lakota medicine man Kicking Bird.Dunbar's still awake when he notices that Kicking Bird and his wife are going at it.The lower classes couldn't afford such luxuries until well into the 20th century.

One that we saw that was built in the early part of the 19th century had only a large single room for sleeping.

I also suspect that there may not have been the same hang-ups about kids knowing about the birds and the bees, especially in areas where the family owned livestock, and the kids would see demonstrations anyway.

There are people where I am that live in one room with kids, its a couple things. You just get used to the lack of privacy in sex or otherwise to some extent, yes the dude on the toilet blocked only by a screen just grunted while pooping just ignore it. They use screens, do it after the kids have gone to school but before work, do it at 3am, do it while the kids are out playing, etc.

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