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The penalty for the seldom-enforced anti-sodomy law, called an "unnatural connexion" [sic], is 10 years in prison.

Men convicted of sodomy — defined under the Islamic Penal Code of 1991 as "sexual intercourse with a male" — face death, the method of which is determined by a Shariah (Islamic law) judge.

Though Botswana banned anti-gay employment discrimination as of 2010, laws against "unnatural offenses" and "indecent practices" remain on the books.

As in many countries, it is unclear how often these laws are actually enforced.

Punishments range from fines to short and lifelong prison sentences, hard labor, forced psychiatric treatment, banishment, whippings, and death by public stoning.

The upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have put Russia's "gay propaganda" law and the international community on an unavoidable collision course, but whatever happens in February is only the beginning of a broader (and much more complicated) conversation about the status of LGBT rights around the world.

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