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Korea apparently has a holiday every 14 day of the month dedicated for couples and or dating.

The most well known are Valentine’s Day, White Day, and Black Day.

There are even some stores dedicated to only selling matching attire!

Most underwear stores here also display matching couples undergarments in their windows.

This is done in hopes each other will have a lovely year together.

You will need one of these diaries to also keep track of all their crazy holidays. Girls will often buy or even better make chocolates for their lucky lad on this day. Couples apparently wear yellow on this significant day and exchange roses or flowers.

Korea also includes singles on Black Day in April for those who do not have a special someone. Namsan Tower in Seoul is famous for lovers to have a date night and place a love lock among the thousands of others to symbolize their eternal love at the top of the tower.

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Those poor, depressed singles in Korea are supposed to indulge on soju on this day which comes in a green bottle.

A lot of Koreans live with their parents until marriage, therefore they have to sneak around for some one on one intimate time in Love Motels.

Love Motels are often rented by the hour (or the entire night) and are fairly inexpensive.

This day is also used for and excuse for singles to kiss eachother letting someone know they are interested.

But like all other holidays in Korea, the companies want to make a few extra bucks off these days.

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