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Agile and frugal support each other; both aim to solve the problem at hand and nothing more, getting products into the hands of the users early and learning from that use.

Those that have been involved in Io T projects have come to realize that there is a big gap between what customers need and what these vendors provide.

The planned EOL was originally announced in March 2014.

While this is not expected to affect ordinary users (Oracle created an automatic self-update to Java 8 in January 2015), Java developers and users of advanced applications may experience some issues.

They open their users / customers up to security vulnerabilities as this article mentions.That's the case of Enunciate, the tool mentioned in the article: it doesn't work with Java 8 because it relies on ATP, but Enunciate was created before Java 6 was available, which means ATP was the only option.A lot of websites now require registration, meaning that users need to be assigned a username and password.This implies that users of tools that are currently incompatible with Java 8 will have to choose between keeping Java 7 and accepting the potential exposure, purchasing commercial long-term support or migrating to a different tool.This last point is putting pressure on tool creators, particularly those responsible for open-source projects, since they need to combine their day-to-day duties with the work needed to migrate to the latest Java.

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