Lahore dating club

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The gate of the present city, known as the Lahori or Lohari Gate was so called as being the gateway looking in the direction of Lohawar or old Lahore just as the Kashmiri Gate looks towards Kashmir, and the Delhi Gate of modern Delhi to the ancient city of that name.

There are no architectural remains of the old Hindu city of Lahore, a circumstance which might well be explained by the absence of stone material, and the numerous destructive invasions to which the city has been subjected.

Facebook activated its Safety Check tool in the aftermath of a suicide bombing in Pakistan that killed at least 65 people on Sunday - but a glitch asked users nowhere near the area if they had been affected by the blast.

Around 580 BC., when king Bimbisara ruled South Asia, the society came to be divided into different communities based on their occupation.

Many historians agree that Lahore was founded by an ancient Hindu colony sometime between the first and seventh centuries, probably as early as the beginning of the second; that it soon rose to be a place of importance, the parent of other colonies, and eventually the capital of a powerful principality, to which it gave its name.

The venue is only 5 minutes’ drive away from the Lahore Airport.

It is the only luxurious living and events venue in between Airport and Main Hub of Defense ‘Y’ Block Shopping Arcade and Popular Food Street of ‘H’ Block.

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