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As we have mentioned, each one of these porticos protects an entrance door to the lower floor, that is placed immediately under the upper one.The lateral walls that finish in four windows, two of which correspond to an existing row of balconies at every end of the upper floor and the two others to a lateral chamber placed under each row of balconies on the lower floor; have eight buttresses, four at each side of the porticos with strias’ decoration as we will also see in the interior.

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In the southern side, the door opened to a viewpoint, now disappeared, protected by a portico, possibly of the same type as the former ones but without any staircases.The main nave is vaulted upon perpiaño arches that lean on a base forming a structure very similar to San Antolín de Palencia and the of Oviedo, and the aisle has a wooden roof.Whilst the western one has a door that opens to the outside and is not communicated with the main nave (probably it had to do with the guard corps), the east side one that was a bath house, from which rests of a pool have appeared that had a water supply from outside, had the only access from the main nave and the three windows to the outside which we have mentioned already.Upon it and in both of them, a great balcony opens in the front with three casted round arches, being the central one larger than the lateral ones that lean on the sides upon columns with roped decoration and capitals of the degenerated Corynthian type; the laterals attached to the walls and two arches at each side separated by pillars that correspond to a buttress at the exterior, with columns and capitals attached, of the same type as the former ones.In the columns we can still see the supporting slots of the stone parapets that closed the whole of the row of balconies.

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