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The sun, married with squinting in the sun, will bring them on prematurely.

So, you may not only look your age, but you may appear older.

While a tan makes us all look good, being the hottest 80 year old in the home is essential when looking to date as an octogenarian.

Follow this tip and reap the rewards as you gracefully age.

Have your size measured by a professional at your local lingerie or department store.

You’ll be surprised how much slimmer and younger you will look with proper support and shaping.

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Here’s the advice they had to give: Like the rest of the body, breasts change as we age, yet women will continue buying the same bra size for years.

No one should ever see your foundation- it should be used sparingly to even out your skin.

It instantly opens your eyes and makes them look bigger! Add an extra coat for a little more pizzazz and concentrate on the outer corners to add a sexy cat eye, or add a few individual lashes, by Ardell for that extra Hollywood glamour.

Your lips will look fuller and sexier, especially at night.

While it seems contradictory to both avoid the sun and to embrace sunglasses while in the sun, we all know its impossible to completely avoid sunshine.

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